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About Dialysis India


India is home to over 1,75,000 chronic dialysis patients and this number increases multifolds every year. Thousands of families struggle to support their family members in need because of lack of awareness and knowledge. The initial few months of treatment are the most difficult ones for both the patient as well as their families. Figuring out the right place for each family, connecting with the doctor that understands you and your needs, meeting the right people for this troublesome journey are the most important aspects to make this experience as smooth as possible for those involved.

We understand you. Our people, our doctors, our network understands what you go through. Dialysis India is a team of highly concerned and experienced doctors, healthcare workers and supporters, assembled together by a significant choice we make for our lives every day. Our single and focused purpose is to support those in need while their bodies ask for additional help on a regular basis.

Dialysis India connects India's best Dialysis centres in the country to help you find the right fit for your family. We have been with people just like you for years and fill the very parts of your needs that you’ve been looking for. With almost each family worries about the process of hemodialysis and dialysis units for at home treatments, we are dedicated to bringing the dialysis treatment to you instead of you going to the treatment. We minimize the hemodialysis costs for you. Your connection with the people that help you recover a health problem matters more than anything else would.

Providing world class dialysis services near to your home

Low Cost

We offer haemodialysis services at lowest market rates compared with other top medical centres

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Zero Infection Rate

Our centres maintain the highest level of hygiene and have consistently maintained a zero cross infection rate

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Near to you

We are present in 150+ cities across India. Avail our services at a location closest to you